Strategy and Planning strategy


We can help you fill in the blanks.

In his landmark 1996 essay ‘What is Strategy’, Michael Porter argued that the essence of strategy revolves around two key practices: choosing to do different activities than your competitors, or choosing to do the same activities, but doing them differently.

That appears to be simple enough.

Strategy is about making your organization unique, and the using that uniqueness to create a compelling value proposition for your customers.

That also seems simple.

And it’s about taking that value proposition and using it to establish a competitive advantage over your rivals.

That looks to be simple too.

But looks can be deceiving. Strategy is anything but simple; you know this and you have been searching for ways to make your efforts around strategic planning more successful.

Spitfire Innovations can help, either by helping formulate the initial strategy or by reviewing and helping fine-tune an existing strategy. And we can also help with the change initiatives that will arise from the implementation of the strategy.

Strategy is difficult, but Spitfire Innovations can help make it easier.

Spitfire Innovations – helping you reach above and beyond.


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