Business Process Optimization


Your business runs on processes. They are there, in the background; and they determine how work is performed. They may have been carefully designed and implemented in a systematic manner, or they may have grown organically. Regardless of how they came about, they are here and the success of your business depends on them.

But your business is not static; it is dynamic and it is changing. The issue is this: how will your processes react to the change? Can they scale with it? Can they be extended? Will they still be effective? Will the resulting processes be optimal?

The challenge is that these questions are not always easy to answer.

You’ve tried to do it internally but it’s difficult to bring sufficient resources to bear, especially considering that you still need to run your business. You’ve looked into business process reengineering but the effort required seems daunting and expensive.

At Spitfire, we don’t view business process improvement as an engineering question. How processes interact with technology and with people is not engineering; we view it more like choreography. And we can help your organization learn a few new steps.

But change is never easy. We believe that implementing change in a series of smaller, iterative improvements that leverage the investments that you have already made is the best way to manage risk and to ensure that you are rewarded with immediate, tangible results.

We believe a small investment in optimizing your processes can result in the realization of significant value. We have extensive experience with process improvement and redesign, ranging from workgroup up to enterprise-level processes.

Spitfire Innovations – helping you reach above and beyond.

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