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Spitfire Innovations is a different kind of consulting company.  worldcloud3Our goal is to deliver maximum value and maximum affordability to our clients. We are not a bricks and mortar operation – we’re virtual. You won’t see our name on an office tower (or on a sports arena for that matter). Nor do we have a bloated management hierarchy that needs to be supported by your consulting dollars. And we only accept those engagements where we are sure that either Spitfire Innovations or its partners have the necessary skills and experience to assure that your expectations will be exceeded; we think that your consulting dollars are too valuable to be spent on training our someone else’s resources. We are confident in our delivery. If you find that the objectives of any engagement are not being met according to our agreed upon measures of success, Spitfire Innovations will continue to work on the project at no additional fee beyond expense reimbursement until we agree that the objectives are met. Failing that, all fees paid will be refunded. Spitfire Innovations – helping you reach above and beyond.

Alan Baker – President and Chief Consultant

Alan has worked in the IT realm for more than 35 years, an impressive tenure in aAlan Baker field that requires continual adaptability. His rise to the role of Assistant Vice President of IT Consulting as well as of Architecture, Security and Business Solutions featured projects that modernized technology and re-engineered business processes, improved organizational effectiveness, introduced processing efficiencies, earned the approval of user groups, guaranteed security, won awards and spurred and accommodated remarkable growth. Pragmatic and results-oriented, Alan’s experience bridges both technology and business.

PMP certified, his aptitude for analysis and synthesis has evolved into an instinctive ability to identify root causes and develop the appropriate solutions that will result in positive and lasting change. Focused on re-engineering business processes and the implementation of technology, Alan directs his efforts towards the formulation of plans for projects that satisfy stakeholder interests, leverage existing investments and deliver immediate benefits. This award-winning consultant excels in the creation of plans that conform to budget limitations, purposely considers future flexibility and growth and leads to the realization of the business vision. With objectivity and a commitment to his client’s agenda, Alan produces practical solutions that fit within the assigned parameters and constraints.

About our Customers

If you are like our typical clients, you are a successful business leader who makes every effort to contribute to the success of your organization. You strive to deliver value and to deliver that value in a cost-effective and timely manner. The environment in which you work is complex, demanding and changing every day. This is your challenge – the rate of change is accelerating and you feel that you are running faster but not really moving forward and in some cases are falling behind. This, coupled with the ever increasing need to do ‘more with less’, is stressing your ability to deliver.

The issue is not your staff – they are smart and hardworking – but they are already fully engaged in day-to-day operations. They don’t have time to investigate improvements and innovations; like you, they are finding that there are not enough hours in the day. You are frustrated because you can see opportunities that would help make things better but can’t find the time or resources to translate your vision into a practical, executable plan. You’ve read books and tried to implement their suggestions – metrics or ‘just in time’ or six sigma or the like; but after the initial flush of success everything seemed to move back towards the status quo. You may have hired a consulting firm, but at the end of the engagement you seriously questioned how much value you received for the money you spent because the final deliverable was either too vague to be of any use or too large and costly to be considered.

What you need are solutions that fits your situation and that leverage the investments you have already made. You need solutions that can be implemented at a reasonable cost, with the staff you currently have, without causing a massive disruption of your day to day operations. Solutions that help you realize your vision. Spitfire Innovations can help. We are a small consulting firm with a wealth of experience in both the information technology and financial services industries. We strongly believe that change is best achieved by following an evolutionary approach; it is our experience that lasting, positive change is easiest to achieve when delivered in multiple smaller implementations rather than in one massive ‘big-bang’. Our approach is practical and straightforward. After understanding your vision we will work with you and your staff, look at your policies, procedures and processes, your technology and your organization’s structure, and together we will develop one or more scenarios that to achieve the change you desire.

Take the first step. Contact us – we’ll come to your site and we’ll talk about your vision, your challenges discuss possible approaches on how your business can take flight.

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